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RECIPE: Hunza Diet...Please Read This!

22 years ago

I believe that many people are being misled when it comes to the true nature of the diet of the Hunza people. Let me tell all of you some facts I have extracted from a book I've had for years. This excerpt comes from the book "No Oil, No Fat Vegetarian Cook book by Trudy Hoffman" Copyright 1970

The Low Fat Diet of the Hunza People By Jay M Hoffman, PhD:

One reason the people of Hunza land live well into their hundreds and die of old age, and not disease is their low-fat diet. Oil, Fat, and grease cannot be purchased in Hunza land. The only oil the native people ever use is from the apricot kernel; and they make very little of it, and it is used only medicinally. When a person is cut, it is washed with wine (which is antiseptic), and then saturated with raw apricot kernel oil. The people in Hunza land are doing something right. Americans could easily live for over a hundred years and die of old ageif they would live like the people in Hunza land. America is the wealthiest and most highly educated nation in the world, yet it is also the sickest, as over 55% of citizens die of blood-vascular and heart disease. 20% die from cancer, and that is rising!

All cooking oils and fats go through a refining process. Even though a label may read "Cold Pressed", that does not mean "Cold Processed". Cold processed oil is virtually impossible to find, except maybe in Italy! Truly cold processed oil will even become rancid in the refrigerator after a short time. Most oils are cold pressed initially, then cooked and refined so they will not spoil. So, while the label may say "cold pressed", they do not tell you that they cook the oil afterwards! Here is what you need to know:

A statement from Scott Grundy, FDA:

"It is most likely that unsaturated fats cause plasma cholesterol to be redistributed into the tissues. We have obtained no evidence whatsoever that they cause a depletion of body pools of cholesterol other than plasma. These "healthy oils" are anything but! Cholesterol is simply being redistributed into the tissues and the ARTERIES! Where is the cholesterol being redistributed? Into the ARTERIES and TISSUES, in the form of CHOLESTEROL PLAQUES! The simple fact is this: Do not believe that polyunsaturated fats are ok. They are not. The redistribution of cholsterol into the arteries and tissues will cause arteriosclerosis! It does not matter if it is Canola, Sunflower, Safflower, Peanut, or will harm you. Butter is even worse, as the fat is saturated. Avoid oils completely. True, raw olive oil is ok if used sparingly. The best way to stay healthy is to only eat fats in their natural state- from nuts that are raw, or from whole grains. The Hunzas eat this way: 10% natural fat, 10% protein, 80% complex carbohydrates. The recipes that I have seen on the internet for "Hunza Bread" are not really ok...they all call for canola, safflower, or sunflower oil.

I have eaten a true, raw bread I purchased at a health food store and it was a type of Hunza bread. It was made from all raw ingredients, such as dates, raisins, raw whole seeds, and it was delicious. Above all, avoid anything that is HYDROGENATED or PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED...they cause cancer.

Read labels- avoid the hydrogenated oils like the plague!

Eat as much raw food as possible! Raw juices are the finest foods imaginable!