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looking for: GF 'wheat belly' recipes-heart/diabetes/adhd/autism

11 years ago

William Davis, author of Wheat Belly, is a cardiologist who believes wheat has been altered through selective cross-breeding and hybridization over last 50-60 years to produce larger yields to feed more, but that it has been abnormally genetically altered so that it actually contributes to disease more than sugar and fat.

He connects it to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, autism, adhd, mental illness, arthritis, asthma, osteoporosis, skin rashes, and more...especially since the 1980's when we were told by dietary experts to add more "whole grains and fiber" into our diet. We've only gotten heavier and sicker as a nation since then. My family is dealing with a few of these and I'd like to see if this helps.

Has anyone read this book and/or tried the recipes at the back? I am now starting to look into gluten-free recipes and am wondering if any recipes come close to "regular" breads, tortillas, pancakes, and treats my kids would actually eat? I've tried a few recipes from an older "special diet" cookbook and feel like I wasted money. Are newer recipes or products better?

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