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Where to end backsplash?

12 years ago

I posted a related thread asking for color advice in Home Decor, which perhaps should have been posted here since the color questions are mainly regarding the kitchen. Anywho...

I'm planning to paint my kitchen cabinets white, hopefully replacing (or at the least resurfacing) my ugly purple laminate countertops, and I'm leaning towards a white bead board backsplash. Some in home decor have suggested tile, and I'm thinking about it. However, either way, I'm not sure where the backsplash would need to end.

Where the orange, green, blue or pink lines are? Or somewhere else? It would be from countertop to cabinets on the right and from countertop to bar top behind the sink, but the transition I'm not sure about.

Also, do you think the bead board backsplash should continue over the counter to the right of the fridge? If so, what height (blue line, orange line, other)? How about continuing it as wainscotting on the fridge wall past the doorway? Would that provide continuity & interest or just look weird?

I think I'm beginning to over-think this and confuse myself!

Here is a link that might be useful: My related color help thread

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