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So where?

8 years ago

So where does one meet new people? I have tried all different types of clubs thinking that I could meet people with similar interests but it really goes nowhere.

I am a young 61 who likes to be active and go out. I travel, having just returned home from a three week trip to France, hike, camp, garden, and attend the theater, symphony, car shows, sporting events, museums and street fairs. I am well-educated and well-informed and can hold an intelligent conversation on most topics.

I would like to meet women who share similar interests and can talk beyond their latest bargain from Wal-Mart and how cute their grand-children are. I would also like to meet men who enjoy going out and not to movies or bowling. I would like a relationship with said man (and yes, it includes THAT aspect of it), but I am definitely not looking for marriage. Been there. Never again.

So, where do I find these people? There must be others out there looking for the same.

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