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I'm new and overwhelmed!

53 years ago

LOL! Hi all - this seems like a really nice place to chat and exchange ideas!

Here's what I'm doing. My hubby and I are adopting a newborn in August. We have decided to go with the Peter Rabbit theme. Anyhow, I saw a Peter Rabbit sb on ebay, so I bought it. It's really cool, but here's the clincher: It's an odd size!?!! It's not 8x11, nor is it's taller than 12" - I dont have the exact measurements, I'll have to do that. So, what do I do about pages that I would want to cover the whole page with one sheet of paper? I guess I cant, huh? I also wanted to put page protectors on!

Anyhow, I've gotten together a lot of stuff, diecuts, stickers, picture borders....I have a few pair of scissors too. I've found that this can get to be a very EXPENSIVE hobby! Luckily, I bought my pens over the weekend at Michaels when they had a 1/2 off coupon!

What would yall recommend as a "basic" starter set? Like, what kind of punches should I buy first? They are so expensive!!! Oh, I also want to know where I can find any magazines to subscribe too - I cant find them here. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I want to start my book now, since I do have a few things to go in there (ultrasound, etc)



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