Homemade Greeting Card Makers

51 years ago

Probably not the right forum, (I've also just posted on the "Craft/Decorating" forum), but you ladies are all a talented bunch! I've found a new love (via a recent scrapbook magazine) homemade greeting cards. I'm hooked! I went crazy making Valentine's Day cards and now doing the same making cards for Easter and Passover. I use my scraping materials (plus new tools that I'm learning about for card making) and my husband just bought me a great book on paper craft projects. Now I need to invest in poetry books! I'm looking for people who make their own greeting cards to perhaps start a new Forum...or post on an existing forum? I'm not really interested in using computer generated templates and the like, although that might not make any difference. Any takers out there? Thanks for your time. Karen (not Laura)

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