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30 Wolf wall oven under counter next to 48 Sub Z

13 years ago

It's final cabinet layout time and I am questioning every decision I have made over an 18 month planning process.

I went back to the appliance showroom yesterday to look at the 30" Wolf wall oven that I plan to mount under the counter away from the stove top area. I think the control panel will start about 3" under the counter. Has anyone else done this? If so, have you had any problems being able to view the controls?

Also- did you use a 24" deep cab, or did you extend depth to 26" or 27"? The install specs seem to require an extended depth unless the back panel of the cab is removed.

This oven will be on the same wall as the Sub Z 48" counter depth. I looked carefully at the installation yesterday and it seems like the most integrated look of a wood paneled Sub Z requires a 2-3" build out from standard cab depth. So, I was thinking that it might make sense to make the whole cab run in this area about 27" deep.