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Locksets and re-key question.

9 years ago

Hello everyone,

My inaugural post on here after just reading for a long time. We recently moved into a home, so with it comes a lot more work and responsibility than before.

One of the first things I want to tackle is re-keying the locks. Right now we have an old beat up Quickset in the garage, a Gatehouse brand lockset in the front and an old Weiser lockset in the back with a code keypad that apparently has not worked in years.

My research has taught me that there are two main types of locks, Schlage and Quickset, and to rekey together locks need to be the same style. Also, I have learned that Gatehouse is made by Schlage.

So my question is whether I can buy Schlages and replace the garage and back door locksets, then take out the Gatehouse and have all three rekeyed to the same key? Any thoughts or suggestions? Did I overlook something?

Thank you,

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