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Teacher refuses to call my son by his first name - HELP!

20 years ago

I'm in England and so we haven't got the same school system as yours.

Me and my brother were educated in the public (i.e. not run by the government) school system. After a lot of thought, in September '01 I sent my son (now five) to a state school. I felt that if it didn't work out I could pull him out and send him to my old prep school, where classes start at seven years old.

My son's christian names are Emmanuel Joseph and our surname is Roland.

When he started Reception (the lowest class in England) in Sept 01, his teacher decided that his name was "too religious" for a mixed-religion school and refused to call him by it.

My son suggested that she call him Manny, like my brother Alex does, and she said no because she doesn't "call pupils by nicknames because they are common".

She told my son that in school he would be called by his second name, Joseph.

I didn't go to parents' evening because I am a doctor and do shift work. In his end of year report, Emmanuel was constantly called "your son".

Emmanuel kept quiet about the issue because he thought he would have a new teacher in Year 1.

Unfortunately, the school has changed systems and now the teacher follows a class all the way through infants (the first three years of school).

I wonder whether I should pull him out and wait until he is old enough for prep school in September '04, or try and go and speak to the teacher. This situation clearly distresses my son and I am unsure how to deal with it.

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