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What is your opinion of school uniforms?

Cheryl Hannigan
21 years ago

My son (14) goes to a school where a new uniform policy has recently been implemented. beforehand there was simply a dresscode which was only loosley adhered to. Then a new headmaster took over and introduced his new policy.

We assumed it must be a joke when we received a letter stating that all boys upto the age of 15 would have to wear blazers, caps and short trousers, however ... we dutifully complied and to our great surprise so did all the other boys. we recently asked our son what he thought of his new uniform ... HE LOVES IT.

I must admit that I certainly think he and his schoolmates look so much smarter in school uniform and it is so nice to see young boys looking like young boys again.

I say ... School uniforms are a good idea, school uniforms with short trousers are a superb idea, I only wish more schools would give it a try.

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