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Do you shop online to be frugal? Share your fave deal?

16 years ago

Up here in Canada, retail pricing on most items is absolutely ridiculous. As a result, I've taught myself to be ultra frugal by comparison shopping online, and it truly amazes me the amount of $$ we have saved over the years.

My fave examples:

- I started my online shopping in 2003 when we were on a very tight budget for our wedding. I bought my "dream" wedding dress online, new in packaging, for $175US and I was hooked. I went on to buy my shoes, custom flowers, favors, and decorations, and had a blast doing it!

- Last year, when building our new home, again we were able to stretch the budget by shopping online. Flooring alone we saved $7000, and I was able to buy ALL of our furniture (10-piece dining, 3 piece leather livingroom, and 4-piece bedroom) - delivered - for just over $5100 when we were quoted over $10,000 retail.

- My most recent "find" was last week on our coffee tables. Pricing has been giving me headaches because we need 3 sidetables & 1 main coffee table. After reviewing pricing, retail I had figured about $2500, so I had hoped to cut that to around $1600 online. Imagine my great surprise, after 9 months of searching, when I found the PERFECT tables, and the cost - delivered - was only $480 for all!

I'd love to hear about your online finds and how you source things to keep costs down.


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