How to correct a 15 year mistake


I have 15 PHOTO ALBUMS that I bought about 15 years ago and have them all filled. They are 100% archival, acid free, PVC free and lignin free. They have the clear flap that goes over the page to "seal" in the pictures. The photos in the earlier albums filled 15 years ago are falling out and the clear flap seal does not seem to hold the pictures in anymore. If I wanted to keep the photos in the album and just secure the pictures to the cardboard/heavier paper page, what would I use? These need to last another 20 years :-)

Glue stick, rubber cement, etc. ?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Go to the scrapbooking dept at Walmart or Michaels and pick up some squares for mounting pictures in scrapbooks. They come on a roll and should last for 20 years! I doubt that a glue stick would last and rubber cement wouldn't be good for the pictures.

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