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Does anyone know how homeschooled kids get admitted to college?

15 years ago

My niece was in private school, then public, then homeschooled, then public, then homeschooled. She got her GED last spring, when she was not yet 17. After basically doing nothing this year she has matured a lot and now wants to go to college (she always planned to go eventually). She is very bright, she was skipped ahead a grade at one point. But being homeschooled with a GED, how does she go about getting admitted to college? She is interested in nursing, but the programs I've looked into require high school chemistry, biology, algebra (and sometimes more). She doesn't have those because she was being homeschooled at that point. Her mother says home schooled kids are "highly valued" by colleges, but I don't see how she can get into any of the more "technical" majors without actual high school grades and a transcript. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks.

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