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should the type of school be the parents or child's choice?

21 years ago

should the type of school be the parents or child's choice?

i think it should be both. i went to a private catholic school for 9 years and it was HORRIBLE! the kids were mean, used profanity, talked about inappropriate body parts, were backstabbers, gossiped cruelly, and were JUST PLAIN AWFUL! and they were catholic private school kids. i was really angry bacause my parents worked long hours to pay the tuition and i'd be better off in a public school.

okay, this is just my opinion.

public schools are better than private schools because:

1)you don't have to pay any tuition

2)awful people are everywhere and you can't escape them just by enrolling in a private school because THEY ARAE THERE!

3)more freedom

4)because of #3, you develop more self-confidence

5)no awful uniforms (they confine individuality and are itchy and are terrible especially in the winter and you freeze, or you get in trouble for not wearing it because it was in the wash and hasn't dried yet)

6)more varity of classes

7)more choices of foreign languages(my high school only has 2 can you belive that?)

my parents made a horrible mistake of sending me to a private school for nine years and now they put me in a catholic high school! it was bad enough i was stuck in the rotten school for nine years! just because my brother thought the school was okay, my parents ASSUMED that i would like it too (have they ever heard of being unique?)

so now here i am, stuck in a catholic, private, all girls school with a high cost tuition, awful uniform and dreadful 85-minute classes...i am already worrying about how i am going to able to afford college, maybe i shouldn't go...AND IT'S ALL MY PARENTS FAULT!

they never stopped to think whether i'd be comfortable in a private school. they just ASSUMED i would

they never asked if i would like to change schools or go to a public school

they never listened when i asked if i could change schools

so now thanks to them, i have no self-confidence, an extreme phobia of males, lack of sleep, probably a damaged back from too much homework...

and they still lecture me about how they are working so hard to pay for the tuition...well, guess what?! i never said i wanted to go to a private school. so they aren't making any sacrifices, i am.

and if they don't let me change schools soon i swear i am going to cause a lot of trouble, not do any homework and let my grades drop even though i am on the honor roll, and make everyone's lives miserable.

parents shouldn't assume and put their kids in a catholic school just because they think that catholic people don't do drugs,drink, smoke, or do bad things. everyone does. it doesn't matter what religion you are. and my parents are just plain freakin stupid because they thinks that putting me in a catholic school will result in some sort of miracle. it depends on the person and nothing else.

so please reply whether you agree or disagree. i'd be glad to read your opinions, comments, and responses.

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