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too much homework???

16 years ago

My daughter is in third grade.Every night she has over a hours worth of homework that involves stuff like ALGEBRA! Also,much of the homework doesnt even come with vaild directions.My husband and I find it a guessing game often helping her do it.

I was just wondering if anyone else's kids has this much homework,and if you really think it is that nessacary at this tender age. My daughter says she feels like her brain is exploding sometimes from all the work.

I always had homework in school,but this seems a bit much for a 3rd grader!!! I was in 6th grade before I had the amount of homework that she has now.

I have even read studies that say homework is not even very effective as far as learning goes.So why do they have to try to cram so much in and make it so hard on these poor young kids???

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