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Proper way to install roof flashing

17 years ago

I think I know the answer, but want to be sure before I talk to the contractor. I am repointing my chimney and redoing the flashing. The step flashing is lead sheet. The contractor has mortored the top of the flashing into the chimney, OK so far. But the step flashing is not tucked under the shingles at each course, he just laid is flat over the top of the shingles.

As far as I knew, the proper way to install flashing is to lay it under each course as you go up the roof slope. They are still here and working, and I have not paid them yet, so I still have "the power". Is this really a way to install flashing? Its a 500.00 line item on my contract.

I also think he just placed it over the old flashing, which was installed under each course of the shingles.

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