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should the exterior door be painted by contractor

9 years ago

Hi all,
We had a contract to have all interior doors and trim to be replaced and painted. We also had the front door replaced with new trim added around the door outside. So far, it has been a bumpy job and attention to detail has not been attended to. The contractor has been working to fix the problems and is doing okay and has told us he wants us to be satisfied. Just this week as he is finishing, he informed us that if we we want the outside of the primed fiberglass door and the surrounding trim he installed painted, there will be an extra charge. The contract just states the cost of the paint job for doors and trim. What is going on? We would have thought that the exterior door and trim should have been painted. He installed the front door and outside trim. He has painted the inside of the door.
I posted in paint, but thought there might be more action in this forum.

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