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Backsplash tile - where does it end?

13 years ago

I am at the end of a full kitchen gut and remodel. I am getting ready to install the backsplash. I have a couple of questions about where to end the tile:

- I have a dooway into the kitchen which is on the same wall as a some cabinets. The upper cabinets along that wall are about 1 1/2 inch short of the edge of the coutner top. Do I take the tile to the edge of the upper cabinet, to the edge of the counter or take it another 3 inches to the doorway. The doorway does not have any molding, just drywall.

- I have another run of cabinets whose side abutts a wall. When I tile the side wall, do I make the tile flush with the face of the cabinet or take it all the way to the edge of the counter?

- One more --- Does anyone tile the area above the kitchen window?

Thanks so much....

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