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Ugly old fireplace needs a makeover

10 years ago

Hi... this is my first post here, so please bear with me as I try to figure things out :)

I am renting a small basement suite in a painfully outdated 60's house. There is a MASSIVE stone beast of a fireplace in the dead center of the living room and it is UGLY. I want to hopefully make it a bit less ugly. I'm not in for a full renovation since this is a rental ... and either way the fireplace is not useable.

I have been approved by my landlords to do pretty much anything but take it out. Catch is, I have to do it myself. So anything I can do will have to be fairly easy/cheap. I'm renting long term so I don't really mind putting in the labor.

There's a bit of flexibility since the fireplace isn't in use - I'm totally open to things like covering the opening (since I have to cover it to prevent drafts in winter anyway) or wrapping the whole thing in some kind of flat material to hide the stone. In the very least, I want to fix up the mantel/shelf contraption at the top. Maybe some nice wood trim tacked on to make it look thicker?

The rest of my place has a cottage/shabby chic kind of feel, but nothing too extreme.

Any ideas?


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