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Just retired

8 years ago

I just retired 2 weeks ago. Hubby retired 1 1/2 years ago. So far it is wonderful. I have made several lists about my volunteering, travel, household, family & friends visit, and plain old fun.
So far, I've just eased into it with no particular schedule but 2-3 things to get done in next couple days. I joined 2 book clubs, we went to a convention, walk almost everyday about 2 miles, and lots of catchup honey do type stuff.
My gardens were almost ignored last 3 years.
This is just so great! I am 65 and it's too bad most people cannot retire at 55. I had a lot more energy then. :) But I do see an improvement in just 2 weeks of walking (we are going to get this to at least 3 miles and maybe more). I don't care to be athletic, just better. Hubby is going to buy a bike and go riding with me. No 50 mile races, just fun.
The best part is Sunday night. No more dread of Monday!!!

We have been very lucky and I think we have planned pretty well, so I am really looking forward to see what this new phase of life holds in store.

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