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Desperately need advice re. countertop. Must decide!

12 years ago

Okay, I've been reading the amazing posts here for a while and thinking and procrastinating about decisions for the my kitchen. Now is decision time. Skip to last paragraph for my question. Background follows in the middle.

After 14 years with a vintage kitchen, I finally decided in February to redo it. The awful truth is that I'm having some dinner guests in early June whose opinion I worry about a bit (my daughter's boyfriend's parents). And, the other awful truth is that I never get around to anything until I have to. So, in February, I order a new run of cabinets to replace my entirely charming cabinets from circa 1942 and my equally charming all gas Caloric Range. Not to mention the 42" cast iron double sink, 12 inches deep on one side, still going strong but taking up a lot of space. This is not a large kitchen.

The change is really overdo. I like old stuff, but my countertop--which started out with red/black linoleum--is now lumbering along with white contact paper. The linoleum is intact in place and crumbling in others. Ok, I ordered some Woodmode cabinets in Antique White. I'm sure they'll be nice. They should be here in a few days. In the meantime, I become a KO person--or more precisely a KFO person.

Here is my dilemma. I want to maintain the somewhat old-fashioned quality of the kitchen. It has a pine floor (originally linoleum, but I removed that and had the underfloor sanded) and it has a bench area in one color. The bench area is also pine.

For over a month, I have been thinking I would get Cambria quartz for the countertop. I really love soapstone, but it seemed pricier and I was convinced by various reviews that quartz is the most durable choice. But, I'm really having a hard time with the color choice. I actually like the red, but I don't have the nerve to do red. For a week, I thought I would get the new Cambria--called "Fieldstone." I liked this because it seemed a bit like soapstone (without being soapstone). But, I think I'm going to switch to a stainless sink (single bowl 28 inch), and Fieldstone doesn't have a lot of contrast. Not really a good combo. So, then for the past two days I have been thinking that Cambria's Flint Black would be good. In one sense, I can sort of see this as a Vintage choice. In another, I worry that it is too shiny. This evening I said to myself: Maybe I should just go back to soapstone. At the same time, I have read the posts about white cabinets with white/gold countertops, I those combinations seem appealing.

The bottom line is that I have to make up my mind. So, wise people, what do you think: What is a good countertop choice for a fairly small "dated" kitchen which is getting a countertop upgrade (Woodmode Antique White" on one side, with cabinets that will face a pine bench on the other? I know that without photos this is an absurd question, but I've noticed that this is an incredibly supportive forum, and I definitely need some handholding.

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