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When is it too late to change my mind?

Holly- Kay
10 years ago

When DH and I went granite shopping I saw slab after slab of, to my eye, ugly granite. There was a Netuno Bordeaux that kept catching my eye but it was so green that I passed it by. I saw a slab of Autumn Harmony and I like it but it was a very contained pattern. It has beautiful overall wheat color with some brown and a bit of black with an occassional spot of a gorgeous coral. It looks great with my floor choice (Chestnut Sapele) and my soon to be cabs (maple with a wheat stain and chocolate glaze). I liked it a lot. The Netuno Bordeaux kept enticing me so I finally stopped and looked at it. The movement in that granite was gorgeous. I loved the cream and chocolate in it and the green was gorgeous. So I decided I would go with that, but to my dismay, it was sold. They called later and said they may have enough to do our kitchen with the remainder of the slabs but didn't know til they actually did the fabricating. They couldn't give me a sample of it but I took a sample of the Autumn Harmony. I had the sample with my counter sample and I liked it more each day so I finally decided on the Autumn Harmony. Then tonight I saw a counter, here on GW, that was installed that looks so much like the Netuno Bordeaux but with a lot less green. I have fallen in love with it. The movement is gorgeous and just makes my choice look ordinary. Do you think it would be too late for me to change my mind and ask to see some different granites?

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