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Pics please! Can't visualize!

12 years ago

Help! I have now had my kitchen cabinets (dark cherry stained maple with a dark glaze) sitting in my family room for 6 weeks. Gaaaahhhhhh! I cannot pick a floor to save my life! We are keeping our same layout and re-using the grey sepckled corian counters and I need a floor that works with the warm cherry and the light cool counters.

I have been leaning toward porcelain but have yet to find something that isn't too warm where the grey wouldn't end up looking like a mistake.And very grey isn't me either- I have kind of an old-world traditional vibe in my house- lots of neutrals, hardwood, gold, green, shots of red. So, I've been looking for something light-ish with very light grey, taupe, some warmth and yet also some coolness to it and have come up with next to nothing. I bought a couple of cases of something from Lowe's in a white roman stone and laid them out. It looks "ok", but not special, feels cold and hard to me and I keep looking at my black dog and not super-neat family and wondering why I would ever lean toward something very light.

The kitchen opens up to the family room, which currently has laminate. I finally got so aggravated by the decision making that I met with an interior designer (got a great deal on the consult with a groupon) and posed my question about what type of tile might work. I had 5 kinds on the floor for her to see. Doesn't she turn around and say, "Why don't you just carry a wood or laminate through the 2 spaces?" I sat there just blinking. Just like the the cartoons where you can almost hear the sounds of silence and slow motion blinking..."blink. blink." So she asks me why I'm so quiet and all I could come up with is, "But won't that be awfully brown? Wood floors, dark wood cabinets....?"

So, if someone could settle this girl down with pics of darker wood cabinets, medium (spice-toned maybe) wood floors and cooler counters, you may be my personal hero.


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