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Concern with master bedroom closet size - Please help

15 years ago


We are looking to remodel our master bath and used an architect's help to come up with a plan.

I have not quite figured out how to upload images but need some inputs soon as we have the contractor starting work on the kitchen next week. We are hoping to combine the master bath remodel with that as well.

Our master bedroom is 13' x 11'. On entering the bedroom, to the left is one 3'9" reach in closet. Inside the bedroom, there is a 7' long passage ending in a 7x7 bathroom with shower and WC. On one side of this 7' passage is the sink and on the other side a reach in closet.

The architect has proposed shrinking the bathroom to 7'x5' and creating a 4'8" deep x 5'11" walk in closet by taking space from the 3'9" reach in and a closet in the adjoining hall bathroom. The bedroom would expand to 16' x 11'. This would be the ONLY closet in the master bedroom.

DH is in agreement with the architect that creating a walk-in closet and expanding the bedroom will improve the saleability of the house. While I agree with that concept, the size of the walk-in is of concern to me given that is the only closet in the master bedroom. DH suggests hanging two rows of clothes on either side of the 4'8" deep closet and we would have effectively a 2' small passage inside the closet.

My questions to you all are

If we can only realize a 4'8" x 5'11" closet, is it really worth the effort and amount spent.. or would it be better to expand the existing 7' reach in to 9' (by shrinking the bathroom to 7'x5'). The bedroom will continue to stay 13' x 11' in this case.

Will two rows in a reach-in be better than a walk-in?

Is 13' x 11' master bedroom small or is it adequate?

Please respond at your earliest.. your inputs are extremely valuable and will help us to converge on the best approach.

I will try to figure out how to upload images meanwhile.. :)



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