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Utility / Laundry room unbearable hot

10 years ago

Hi, we just bought a very cute house. Apart from the bedrooms and bathroom, it is mostly open plan.

The kitchen leads to the dining and utility room. The utility room has a large wall opening that leads to the dining room. I don't know what else to call that opening- it looks like where a window used to be before they converted it.

Anyways the utility room looks like a porch conversion. It is hard to tell because it does sit on the crawl space foundation, and it does have duct work ran to it, and it does have electricity and plumbing.

It has two large windows, and the walls are very well done, as is the ceiling. There is one wall facing north (with double paned energy efficient window) and one wall facing west (with regular old window).

The room contains the laundry room and built in storage as well as some kitchen space and the hot water heater closet. It has tiled floors and plaster/paint.

Sorry if that is TMI.

My issue is it is HOT in there! I was hanging new blinds in there, to try and block out some of the suns heat, and the ceiling was warm to the touch, the air up there is very hot. This air makes its way into the rest of the house. Not a huge deal but it makes it really hard to be in the kitchen/utility to do chores as it is so hot. Also the dogs quarters are in the utility. I run a fan in there to try and get some cooler air into it. Noting really helps. The AC floor register is located under a built in desk so most of the AC air doesn't make it into the rest of the room.

I am worried how hot and cold this room is going to be. Looking at it from inside or outside house you can't even it is an ad on, apart from the fact that the ceiling has NO INSULATION.

Does any one have any sugestions to keep this room cool? I am unable to drop the celing lower to make an insulated space. I considered replacing the light fixture with a celing fan- but not sure if this is a good idea or not. The room is pretty small, but it may direct some of that hot air down? Would increased air circulation help at all? What about the vent under the desk? Would a diverter over the register help ?

My main concern is not to remodel it just to make it a bit better. I don't want the dogs to be too hot or too cold in winter. Sorry for the long post I hope I included all info you needed. Many thanks!!! Angie

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