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Made my first purchase - will it work? Vinnata faucet

14 years ago

Wow. I was so excited. I made my first purchase for my new kitchen. I snagged a "NIB" Brushed Nickel Vinnata faucet on craigslist for $250. They assured me it was the larger faucet, not the prep sink one.

Got home. I'm missing 3 parts, no big deal I guess. It will just cost me another $50 for the parts, I'm still getting a pretty good deal on it I guess.

Anyway, I measured it out and I've got the prep sink version (only 7 1/2 in reach instead of 9 1/2, arc height of 15 inches instead of 16 5/8).

Question - I'm planning on using the Ticor S105 sink

or am open to this one also S305

Is the 7 1/2 inch reach going to be enough for these sinks? Would one sink work better than the other? Will I get splashing problems, more than if I had the full size one? Is there any kind of flow restrictor in the prep sink size that isn't on the full sink one?

I'm not unhappy with having the smaller one, the larger one was kind of intimidating to me and I had toyed with the idea of choosing the smaller one anyway but figured I'd get used to the large on in time.

And I've had one more session in the "if it sounds too good to be true...." and the "always make sure you have all the pieces before you give over the money" lesson books!

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