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Little mom and pop stores

14 years ago

Do you have fond memories of a little (mom and pop) store?

Could be a little grocery store, hardware, general? tell about it and what it looked like.

When I was a kid we lived way out in the country. About a half a mile up the road, there was a little grocery store that I remember all the ladies that worked there. There were only 4 of them, they didn't work at the same time just usually 2 at a time. I can still remember exactly how the rows of food were set up and the meat counter in the back of the store. They had the best fresh meat and lunch meat. There was a little freezer that kids could reach down in to get ice cream treats. Oh that was so much fun as a kid. Heck I would still like that now. This was the place that all the neighborhood women would go to get their groceries and especially the lunch meat to pack lunches for hubby and kids school lunches. The women would mingle and talk to each other for a long time, this was their enjoyment, before every one got too busy in life, and both husband and wife had to work to make a living. I sure miss that place, and many other places like that. The women that worked there knew all the kids that came in there and always watched out for them. And you knew you better not do anything wrong for they were sure to tell your mother.

You just don't get that from all the superstores nowadays.

Tell me about the place you remember.

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