Options to use on place of existing sliding closet doors

7 years ago

I have a decent size closet into great room, currently with sliding doors. We don't have a lot of storage, and I want to put a shelving system inside to use the space better. But I HATE how limiting the sliding doors are! Anoying when we just have coats and shoes in there, but it will be worse when I add shelving for more stuff.

The problem is that it's a standard 47 inch opening. So just a little too small to replace with folding doors without having to shave a bit off all the door panels and re-chisel the hinge areas. Not impossible, but a lot of work!

Does anyone know where I can get regular or folding doors meant to fit a standard sliding door opening? Seems like someone should have cornered that market by now!

Or other options? Anyone try curtains?

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