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Curb appeal help needed

17 years ago

I'm rehabbing my mother-in-law's rental house so that she can sell it. It seems in need of some serious curb appeal. We considered adding a front porch on, but decided not to because of the expense. So far we've painted the shutters black, and added beige shingles to the front gable. (The picture isn't the most up to date, but it doesn't look a ton different.) We'd like to add something to create visual interest around the door area (to the right of the house), since the door itself doesn't face the street, but we're not exactly sure what to do. Maybe bring the little walkway out some to the driveway, and add some raised landscaping, maybe a Japanese maple? And maybe with the rest of the landscaping, create a more defined barrier for the bushes, maybe using rocks or lanterns or even just mulch. I'm not really great at visualizing landscaping, though, so I thought that some of you might have some great ideas. Thanks!

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