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Curb appeal help needed for my overly busy 1950's bungalow.

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Moved into this house around 2 years ago. We have been focusing on the inside but I keep looking at the outside and I just hate they look of our house! Just so much going on.. Brick with stark mortar, two different styles of stone, red siding shake in a few spots its, almost solid wood deck. Things I've thought about. . I won't paint brick.. I looked at lime wash but not really sure I'm in love with it.. I don't mind the brick, but the stark white mortar is horrible... Repointing is a huge undertaking, I wish I could just add more or stain it... Stained brick?? Cover the mismatched multi coloured stone?? I Saw a post where someone covered with hardy board.. Sigh... Any advice would be great!!

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