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San Francisco / Wine Country Trip

10 years ago

DH is going to the Apple Developer's Conference in San Francisco in June. We decided that I will join him after the conference is over & we will sightsee in San Francisco, Sonoma, & Napa. We haven't been away for a full week of vacation in 10 yrs! We usually just take a long weekend trip. We're very excited.

We were in the area 2 yrs ago. I got to see a lot of San Francisco because I was sightseeing while he was in a training. We then took a couple of days to go to Sonoma & spent one day in San Francisco together. We managed to see several wineries in Sonoma - Benziger, BR Cohn & Gloria Ferrar. I got to visit Chinatown but DH was only there at night for dinner.

I definitely want to visit Chinatown again & DH wants to visit. What are the other "must see" places in San Francisco? What about wineries or sights in Sonoma & Napa? Hotel recommendations and restaurant recommendations would be great too. We love finding little local restaurants with great food and we love all kinds - including pretty much any ethnic food.

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