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Dibetics....have or do any of you use BYETTA...?

14 years ago

I told my doctor I wanted to quit using Avandia...just don't trust it anymore.

He wants me to try this one...He said they have had studies for four years and no one has had any of the heart problems that Avandia can cause.

It works with your liver for one thing keeping it from shooting out more suger when you don't need it..and it works on something in your brain that makes you not hungry.

I had quite a weight gain since I've been on Avandia too. That is another one of it's bad side symptoms.

He said he has had patients loose a lot of weight with Byetta. One lady lost 4 sizes in a year.

I would be thrilled but will be happy to not gain more weight too.

As usual I'm always leary of something I don't know...So am wondering if any of you use it and how you are getting along with it.

This one IS NOT insulin but you inject it twice a day. Don't know how I'll like that


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