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Our itinerary for June

11 years ago

This is what June's calendar looks like. We are going to be very busy and I couldn't be happier. 2,172 miles not counting side trips. If there is anyone along this route that would like to meet please let me know.

May 28 Drive to Agusta, ME
May 29 Tour Fort Weston
May 30 Drive to Amherst, Canada
May 31 Drive to Beddeck, Canada
June 1 Drive the Cabot Trail
June 2 Alexander Grahamm Bell Museum
June 3 Tour the area
June 4 Drive to Hammond Plains, Nova Scotia, Canada
June 5 Peggy's Cove
June 6 tour the area
June 7 tour the area
June 8 tour the area
June 9 Drive to Saint John, Canada
June 10 Bay of Fundy (Fundy Trail Parkway)
June 11 Bay of Fundy (Fundy Trail Parkway)
June 12 Drive to Bar Harbor, ME
June 13 Tour Acadia National Park
June 14 Tour Bar Harbor
June 15 Tour Bar Harbor
June 16 Drive to Gorham, NH
June 17 Visit friends
June 18 Visit friends
June 19 Drive to Middlebury, VT (visit with relatives)
June 20 Go to Fort Ticonderoga, NY (visit with relatives)
June 21 Drive to Fulton, NY (visit with relatives)
June 22 Visit with relatives
June 23 Drive to Buffalo, NY
June 24 Niagara Falls
June 25 Niagara Falls
June 26 Timm fly home
June 27 Drive to London, Canada (get together)
June 28 Drive to Windsor, Canada (get together)

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