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Ethical? or Standard? Follow up -sorry for a long post

13 years ago

I am the one who started the Ethical vs Standard thread and had no idea of the conversations it has started!

Before I posted on GW, I also emailed a potential KD about bringing in my preliminary design (designed by another KD -to price out a different line of cabinets just to get a ballpark figure) but then thought it was unethical and emailed her and told her so.

Here is her reply:

"If someone else gave you their kitchen plan, you own it, and I don�t think it would be unethical to have someone else price it. Honestly, that�s the only way you can get a true apples-to-apples estimate, as any design I would do for you is likely to vary from the one you have."

She then went on to say that if I wanted her to come and do a whole new design, I would need to give her a deposit which will go towards the order. I know I need to ask her to clarify but what will happen to my deposit if I decide not to choose the cabinets she is trying to sell me? I assume I must get it back?


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