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LOOKING for: Jell-O Salad Mold with Peaches

17 years ago

I am looking for a jell-o mold recipe that starts with the top first, placed in the bottom of the mold. The layer has mayonnaise or sour cream and some kind of flavored pudding or jell-o(this could be mixed with a packet of unflavored gelatin). It has a zip to it and it is not horseradish. I an sure there must be more ingredients. This sets until firm, then you add the peach jell-o with the peaches on top of that and set until firm. We made this for every holiday and birthdays. It was in a magazine about 20-25 years ago. Has anyone made this or know where can find the recipe. I can see the recipe in my mind on one entire page in this magazine, maybe LHJ. I have checked websites, LHJ webwsite, and endless googles.

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