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show me your kitchen broom closet!

Circus Peanut
15 years ago

hi folks,

My first real post here --

Backstory: a DIY kitchen in a small 1922 bungalow, about 12' x 20' including breakfast nook, but with many doors and windows. 8'ceilings. I am using salvaged cabinetry and piecing together the rest with a skilled carpenter, my dad, and lots of unladylike cursing. ;-)

The cabs are incredibly lovely, an {{!gwi}} from Heritage Custom Cabinetry in medium stained cherry. They were such an insanely good deal at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore that I just had to go for them. For the most part, things have fit surprisingly well (pix to follow), but there are a few odd spaces that I am currently trying to suss out. For these spaces, I could order new doors etc from Heritage.

Right now, the issue at hand: a broom closet. Always wanted one, never had one. Turns out there's a perfect 12" space next to my refrigerator (a 30"x80" counter-depth Liebherr) that could accommodate a closet or cupboard very handily.

Question: how does a broom closet look between fridge and wall?

Would a broom closet door go all the way to the floor, or work more like a cupboard with a 2 or 3" stile and/or toekick at the bottom?

I'm envisioning broom & mop room at the bottom, then shelves for the rest. My fridge is too tall for any cupboards over it, so the projected closet could either stop at fridge height, or go all the way to the ceiling.

The photo shows the relevant corner between fridge and wall (the upper cab to left is resting on the lower right now but will be installed flush with the ceiling). Please ignore the PO's hideous paint and the plaster patches from my recent blown-in insulation job.

Many thanks for any and all broom closet input!

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