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Do you have "art" on your porch or patio?

10 years ago

Continuing my obsession with my new screen porch while waiting for screens to come in... We will have one big blank wall out there that I'd like to hang Something on, just not sure what. The "outdoor art" pieces at places like Grandin Road just aren't speaking to me. I have seen some cool metal flowers that I'd like, but DH is not impressed. Just thought I might check in here for some inspiration, maybe photos of what you have on your porch? One thing I don't want out there is a "theme" if you know what I mean, so I'd like to avoid anything that screams Beach Porch or Tiki Room or "It's 5:00 Somewhere"....

You can see the space I'm referring to in the photo -- the wall to the left of the window. There will be a loveseat on that wall that will run partway under the window but won't be centered under the window.

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