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My Mom is very sick-Could use good thoughts

15 years ago

and I'm not above asking for prayers!

She is in remission from ovarian cancer(about a year). But she hasn't been feeling well and losing weight, not able to eat and having trouble speaking.

She had a stroke Christmas 2007 and a small stroke January 2008. We thought all her signs were from the stroke but they did an MRI from her neck up and her cancer has metatasized to her brain.

She has a very good attitude and demeanor. She is 65. They will do a PET scan today to make sure the cancer is not anywhere else.

Please think good thoughts and prayers for my Mom today.

~~P.S. It's amazing how nothing drastic has even happened, yet two members of my family have already gotten into a heated discussion about who would get the "family bible".Shame shame......

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