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help with kitchen layout dilemma...refrigerator in corner!

15 years ago

Hi there...been lurking a lot lately trying to nail down our kitchen plans. We are renovating an old ranch style house located kind of in the woods and are totally changing the entire interior. We thought we were just about done with our plans when I discovered tonight that our refrigerator is right next to a wall and we will not be able to open it all the way! The picture shows a side by side counter depth fridge, with the freezer on the right...I'd like to have the fride on the right, but don't think it's possible with the wall there. Please give some


I don't know how to attach a photo of the plan..have a .jpg and adobe file...

Also, FYI, we're going with a craftsman style look - quartersawn oak DuraSupreme cabinets. Counters haven't been decided, but I'm leaning towards Hanstone Chocolate Cognac. Stainless appliances (not picked out yet fridge and stove - realized our major dilemma right in the middle of that process!).

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