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Fridge in corner or by doorway? Please help with layout.

12 years ago


I am trying to finalize my layout so we can move ahead with our kitchen remodel and I really need some help. We tore out everything down to the studs (except our sink) last fall, and having been living with a makeshift kitchen since then. We are DIY to make it affordable so will be using RTA or stock cabinets. My husband is very handy, but loves mechanics, not construction, and I have never done anything myself, except a little painting.

I have 3 girls in their 20's, one of which is living with us for a few months. My husband and myself both cook, although not usually at the same time. We cook almost every meal, but only bake for holidays or special occasions since the kids are grown.

Below is our current proposed layout. We are re-wiring everything and have an electric stove, so it can be moved. We just replaced windows and re-sided our house a couple years ago, so my husband doesn't want to move any doors or windows. The stove wall is load bearing, with the bedroom behind it, so we are pretty well stuck with the current dimensions. At the lower right is the doorway to the Living Room. Bottom of the screen is pocket door to the only bathroom on the main floor. Also, the bottom left is a 40" walkway to our basement steps and the back door. We park in back and use that door all the time. Laundry, food storage and our daughter's bedroom is also in the basement, so that is a busy traffic path. We have a 36" SXS fridge. Currently have a 36" double sink where it is shown on the plans. Husband might be willing to move that if necessary. No dining room, so table in kitchen is our only eating area. Can you give me any suggestions for improving the layout, or better use of this space?

I also considered this layout, with the fridge in the top left corner. It gives me a better counter space around the stove, but after reading on this forum, I think I would have to move fridge further from the wall in order to open the doors (maybe 12-15"?), which means that I would only have about 12" or less between the fridge and sink unless I moved the sink further into the corner.

I have been struggling with this layout all winter. Any help or suggestions you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

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