New member seeking kitchen layout feedback

9 years ago

After many hours of lurking and designing we are getting ready to begin our kitchen remodel. DH is in the garage tuning up his new table saw, plans have been drawn and redrawn ad nauseum, and we are getting ready to start! I would love to run our plans by the GW group as I have already learned so much and would enjoy your input.

We are recent empty nesters and looking forward to fixing a few "function flaws" in our kitchen as well as updating it's tired 1990's face. Ours is a one cook kitchen primarily, (DH is a fabulous cleanup guy). We entertain 10 - 12 every other month or so. Our major goals are to:

1. Replace the 2 burner downdraft stove in the island with a 30" range with a good hood. (How have I lasted 15 years with two burners?)

2. Shrink the island size as there is too much congestion in the kitchen when we entertain.

We are hoping to avoid moving walls though we will "dig in" to the wall behind the fridge to allow us to move it back a bit and increase the aisle width.

Thanks for your input!

Here is a sketch of our floor plan.

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