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need help with design of baby boy nursery - Car Theme

14 years ago

Hi All -

I am trying to decide on what to do for my baby boy's nursery. We are expecting our first child this September and are trying to plan for his nursery.

We "think" we have decided on a bedding set. But I don't know what to do with the room to decorate and what colors.

The room is small - about 13x12ish. We will have a crib, glider, and a dresser/changing table. depending on sizes of furniture we may have either a bookshelf or toy box as well.

Here is the potential bedding:

Here is the Crib that we will be getting and some of the other furniture:




Other Potential Theme/Bedding Ideas:

Jungle Tales (just bedding and diaper/hamper - not all the other decor.)

We also will be getting sports bedding as a hand me down - not sure exactly what it looks like but that could be something we transition to as he gets older or switch out at times.

Currently the room is a Grayish color and the carpet is blue/grey - very old. We will prob be getting new carpet - something more neutral. We will definetely be painting - whether we do all one color or do chairail and 2 colors.

I know you guys always have such good ideas... please help!

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