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New Pool Build - Any Advice on Quantity of Pool Lighting?

14 years ago

Hi, we're in the process of trying to have a pool & spa built in the greater Houston area. I say trying because we signed on the dotted line in early July 2009 and we've only got a blue spray painted outline of a pool & spa in our backyard. Mostly this is our own fault due to travel, change requests, etc etc. When we saw the spray paint, we weren't happy with the shape and so we made some modifications resulting in additional perimeter which leads me to my question:

Would anyone be willing to give me guidance, a rule of thumb or some advice on how many LED light fixtures I'll need in just the pool? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Our sales consultant advised that we only needed 1 when the pool was to be perimeter 86' but now it is 89'. This is to be positioned in the horizontal center of the wall at the deep end and pointed straight down the length of the pool. I'm sure he'd be happy to sell me another light but I'd rather not spend an extra $360 or so if its not necessary. If it is neeeded, I want to do it right. Instinct (and reading lots of other people's specs) would tell me that this isn't enough. But I have no experience and little data in the pool building arena to trust instinct.

Here is the current plan..always subject to change... : )

Pool details:

Freeform Shape

Maximum lenth = 34'6"

Square footage = 499

Max depth 7'

> 16,000 gallons

Stonescapes Mini Tahoe Blue

1 Hayward Color Logic (not sure if it will be 2.5 or 4.0)

Jandy PDA-6


Spa Details:

12" Raised

kidney shaped

32 square ft

LED Light

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