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Concrete... meet concrete... but how ?? Help needed..

15 years ago


I am looking for opinions on how I can have a foundation being poured for our poolhouse meet my existing freeform stamped concrete decking the best I can....

Due to me not doing a straight line of stamped it will not be even along the front of the pool house. So I need ideas on what I can do.. if I tile it with outdoor tile would that look strange if it were only two tile in the center area then 4 or 5 on the ends ?? or should I just stain the concrete ?

Any other suggestions would be great.. or just some feedback... I know I already made a mistake not doing the stamped on a straight line....but maybe I can do something that makes it work somehow.....

The pic below is the area it's going...from about the tree branch 6' or so away from the stamped... to a bit past the table,(there is a post in the ground) I know it's not the greatest pic, but you can see how the two ends go in... the poolhouse is 24' long... the center area will be so closest to my stamped...

Oh & we are not doing stamped again because 85% will be under the poolhouse unseen... so it's a waste of $$....

Thanks in advance!

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