How do I fill up this huge wall?

9 years ago

This is a bit buried in another thread, so pulling it out for focus (sorry for the repetition). Here's the wall (TV shelving unit will go). You can see the color scheme going on. The other art is mostly Asian-themed. 9' ceilings, 20 feet from one end to the other.

Someone in another thread suggested a sofa table behind the sectional with a lamp or 2. As for large art: dimensions? positioning? materials? color (green, plum red)? Any inspiration pics to get the juices flowing?

I do have a very large piece that would fit, that used to hang on a large wall in my Dallas loft. But unfortunately thick marine rope and wooden spoons wrapped in twine don't quite go with the style here. :-p

Another thought would be stretched fabric, probably a tryptich of squares or long rectangles. Can I be abstract or do I need to keep it subdued?

Brainstorms welcome.

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