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update on the front porch bead board ceiling and brick

13 years ago

I was gone all day today. When I got back they had completed the crown molding on the ceiling. It is going to be caulked tomorrow by GC's helper . The the rest is up to me. I will sand lightly and then paint. I am going to match the color that was originally there since I have large samples. It is really beautiful " haint blue".

The brick was painted by me 1 1/2 yrs ago. Some of it was fine but the part that wasn't was going to cont. to peel and disintegrate. My GC lightly sandblasted the 120 yr old brick and is going to seal it and then I will prime and paint it again and this time we think it will be fine.

I am not sure how much I will get done before I leave on my next bike tour April 25th but I sure am going to try. I have a fan but we will wait to hang it until I get the paint done. Lots of work. It is great to see what others have done on here with bead board and to be able to have some too ! c

area above front stained glass door:

you can see where fan will go:

one more view:


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