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Ideas for reasonably priced railing that won't block view?

17 years ago

We are going out of our minds trying to figure out what to use for a deck railing that won't block our view too much. We're going to be building a house with a rather large deck facing a river and would like to be able to see the river (rather than just looking at the deck railings) from inside the house. We're also looking for something that's low maintenance.

The obvious answer is cable rail, which our builder says is extremely expensive. Is it only expensive if you use the kits? Can one save money by buying the cable and fittings separately rather than using the kits?

If that's not an option, does anyone have any other ideas? I'm assuming tempered glass isn't going to be any bargain either, and wouldn't be much fun to keep clean.

I've seen deck railings locally on the ocean with thin aluminium pipes (tubes?) used horizontally, but I'm worried about future grandchildren climbing right on up and over the side!

Does anyone have any good alternatives to expensive cable rail kits?

Thank you!

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