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Looking to add a covered porch (Florida)

15 years ago

Hey all,

I'm looking for a little advise and maybe a rough order of magnitude on what this project would cost. We currently have a 10' x 18' covered porch off the back of our house (concrete block stucco). I can't figure out how to add a picture or I would post a pic. We are starting to think about adding a pool and the covered porch is too small for my tastes. If I'm going to have a pool, I'd rather have a rear porch that covers more of the backside of the house to have room for tables, a grill, etc.

Anyway, I have been Googling for quite some time trying to find out info on costing for this type of job and can't seem to find anything. The house is roughly 58' across the back and the current porch covers probably 20' of the width. Currently, there are three support pillars resting on a concrete slab. The pillars are made by stacking pairs of 8x16 (I think) concrete blocks forming a 16" x 16" pillar vertically. The trusswork ties into the downward back slope of the house.

I'm guessing I would want to pour slabs on either side of the existing slab and tie them into the house slab and existing porch slab. Those would have to be around 10' x 20' and there would be two. I would also have to add two more of some sort of pillar on either side of the existing porch. I would then have to add the roof trusswork, sheath it, and shingle it, tying into the existing roof.

The reason I ask is that, if I find out this is a $40k project (which seems absurd considering it is 400 sq. ft. of unfinished space and $100 a sq. ft seems high), then we probably skip it and just add a pool. If I find out that I can do something close to what I want for $10-20k, then we probably proceed.

btw, if anybody could tell me how to add a pic, I could post a picture showing the back of our house.

Any info is appreciated, thanks!


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