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New Pool in New York (Putnam County / Westchester County)

11 years ago

Hi, everyone. We are looking to get a pool so have been searching around the internet to get as informed as possible. There's lots of information out there but not much relative to pool builders in my area. Can anyone recommend quality builders (and reasonable!) in this area? We would like someone that can design the surrounding area (pool patio, connection to existing patio) as well. We've come across Anthony & Sylvan (many years building concrete, now building Trilogy fiberglass as well but cannot find any experiences online about the office that serves my area but have seen negative ones for other offices), Florida Concepts (20 years building Viking fiberglass only), and Albert Group (only 6 years building Leisure Pools fiberglass but started with doing patios so brings a bit of both experiences to the table)

Also, we haven't decided on concrete or fiberglass but are leaning towards fiberglass as from what we have read, they require less maintenance. We'd love to have a pool but don't want to be married to it (we both work). That being said, I can't help to think that the fiberglass pools are a "step down" from the concrete pools. I've also seen a lot of things on the internet about people having pools that form minor cracks, or gel coats that have worn and can't be matched properly during re-application. These things worry me about going fiberglass. Although there are a lot of people that swear by them so I am hoping it will turn out fine. What are people in this area getting?

Anyway, sorry for the long post. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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