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update on victorian color scheme and in need of more help

15 years ago

We've been going around and around with these dang paint samples for the last couple of weeks. Nothing looked right to me. I did like the Rich Cream in the parlor (with the white trim) but I didn't like it up against any of the blueish greens we tried in the front room. We then went for a chocolate brown (SW Meadowlark) in the parlor but didn't care for it. On a whim we put the Meadowlark up in the front room. Wow. It looks stunning against the dark woodwork of the staircase and the stained glass. A bit bold but we love the tone on tone so I think it's staying. So now we'd like to keep with the tone on tone in the white parlor (maybe Rich Cream or maybe something more ivory/cream and less yellow.) But my real problem is the two back rooms: the living room (with the pink stained glass) and the dining room. Both with the dark chestnut trim. The problem is, it seems to me that dark colors are looking nicer against the dark woodwork than pale ones. But, I feel that the Meadowlark in the front hall is so dramatic, the rest of the rooms need to be lighter (paler?) I do like the idea of a blue-gray dining room - my favorite so far is BM Feather Gray. Do you think that would look okay with my other choices? And then what to do about the living room with the mauve window? I tried the kumquat idea but couldn't find anything that I worked, and as I said, I think I need to go tamer if I'm going to commit to the chocolate front room. Should I do a color a few shades deeper than the cream/ivory in the parlor (the room in front of it)? Should I try a green, or is that too many colors going on. And if a green, which one? All the olives and sages I tried, which I personally love, look really drab and muddy in my house. We did try BM's Anjou Pear (affinity color) and while I do love the shade, I'm wondering if it might be too much for a whole room. Should I look for more of a celery? Or skip green altogether? Sorry for the information overload, but GC is breathing down my neck to choose my colors so the painters can get to work and if I don't come up with a scheme soon, it is going to be all beige!!! (which would make the GC very happy.)

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